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The Role of Cannabis Delivery in a Covid-19 World

Covid-19 has forever changed the way we work and live. People are abandoning offices and instead working from home. High school and college courses are being migrated online, and in person lectures are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Parties and concerts are being replaced by small intimate gatherings of just a few close friends, and last but not least, people are changing the way they order and receive their products, food, and medicine. Virtually every industry has been shifting to meet these new consumer preferences, and cannabis is no exception.

In the first 3 months of 2020, Amazon’s revenue shot up a whopping 26% due to Covid-19. Domino’s Pizza is hiring 10,000 new delivery drivers to try and keep up with the demand for delivery, and Leafly, the most visited medical marijuana directory in the world, has had an 800% increase in cannabis deliveries through their platform just over the last month.

People are becoming less likely to run to the dispensary, and more likely to order from local medical marijuana delivery services. The coronavirus has made patients weary about going out to buy their medicine, and most people are opting to leave the house as little as possible in order to better protect themselves. At-risk patients who are especially vulnerable to Covid-19 need to find ways to reduce the likelihood of contracting the disease, and cannabis delivery services are stepping up in order to help these patients through these hard times.

When patients get their cannabis delivered, they only come in contact with one person – the delivery driver. When patients drive to the dispensary, they come in contact with a multitude of different people – The budtenders, other patients, gas station attendants, etc. This means that patients are much less likely to contract Covid-19 when ordering from a delivery service than going to a physical dispensary. Clearly, patients are starting to catch on to this fact, which is why Leafly has seen such a dramatic increase in medical marijuana deliveries over the last few months.

Here in Bozeman, most dispensaries are scrambling to meet the new demand for deliveries and trying to rework their business models. Many are charging expensive delivery fee’s and giving patients sub-par cannabis in order to maximize their profits. Because of the cost of owning a physical dispensary, bigger providers in the area are unable to meet the needs of patients requiring delivery and are giving them their lowest quality meds at an unfair price. On the other hand, you have providers who set up their businesses as delivery services from the start, like us. Big Sky Buds has been servicing Bozeman, Belgrade, and Gallatin Gateway for three years, so we were well prepared for this type of situation. Because of the way we set up our business, we’re still easily able to provide our patients with top quality medical marijuana at an extremely affordable price ($20 an eighth for all our strains), plus FREE delivery on all orders. We truly care about each and every one of our patients, and we’re committed to helping Bozeman and the surrounding area curb the spread of Covid-19 by continuing to offer our services and providing our patients with only top-quality medical marijuana.

Our drivers wear masks on every single delivery and use hand sanitizer before and after every order.

Give us a call or check our Covid-19 policy page for more info on what we’re doing to protect our patients and employees.

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