5.7 - Ounce Raw Honey Jar infused with both THC and CBD


THC = 40.19mg TOTAL (3.53mg per Tbs) 

CBD = 37.26mg TOTAL (3.27mg per Tbs)


100% Natural locally sourced raw honey, infused with our THC distillate and CBD Distillate. Perfect for stirring into tea, serving with breakfast or just for simple snacking pleasure


Please Note: White air bubbles towards the top of the honey jar is totally normal, and actually signifies high quality raw honey


Made in house by the Big Sky Buds team



  • Natural Raw Honey
  • THC Distillate
  • CBD Distillate



  • 1 5.7oz Honey Jar - $10

1:1 Infused Raw Honey (40.19MG THC AND 37.26MG CBD)